Like many leaders today, you may be feeling the pressure of the current environment where dynamic change is frequent. A world in flux (continuous change) often requires a mind-set shift; one that treats constant change as the new norm. If adapting to ever-changing times is one key to business success, what other actions can leaders take to tap into “superpowers” and pivot in the right direction?

Most of us can relate to being in a constant state of flux because change surrounds us all – especially in our competitive market. As an Executive in the medical field over RX Medical and our family of healthcare businesses, I oversee operations that ensure the surgeons we support receive top service from our teams because quality patient care is important to our company.

While people welcome some change in the workplace, most prefer the comfortable and predictable “status quo” – not a good area to operate from if your goal is to maintain a competitive advantage. Some feel anxious about change not only because of the uncertainty and fear that the unexpected can bring, but because of how quickly change now occurs in our workplace. If change is the new normal now, leaders must learn to adapt to it or risk getting left behind.

Embracing A Flux Mind-Set

Embracing a flux mind-set means opening yourself up to see change not as a threat but as an opportunity. When we develop skills to change the way we view the world, we learn to let go of the future rather than trying to control it (and we all know that never works).

April Rinne, author of Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change, challenges leaders to discover what she coins, “superpowers” and recommends eight practices to help leaders rethink their relationship with change. She argues that everything we do affects how we navigate change so the quicker we are able to adapt, the better. I invite you to consider integrating Rinne’s eight flux superpowers (a sample of these practices below) to help you adapt to change ahead.

8 Flux Superpowers: Ways to Strengthen and Adapt to Change

  1. Run Slower: Slow down and learn that responding quickly to everything rarely yields the best results. 
  2. See the Invisible: Learn to expand your vision to see beyond what is in front of you.
  3. Get Lost: Reach outside your comfort zone and consider different perspectives to explore different paths forward. 
  4. Start with Trust: With trust comes a responsibility and an assumption that others share this responsibility. Take steps to start with trust in your new scripts when communicating with your teams.
  5. Know You Are Enough: Recognize that adding more to your life does not always improve your sense of satisfaction. In a world of constant change, knowing what enough means to you can open your eyes to what really matters and bring greater contentment and nourishment to the flexibility needed to adapt.
  6. Create Your Portfolio Career: Find work that motivates you and draws on your multi-faceted skills. 
  7. Be More Human: Technology can infiltrate every aspect of your life, but its advantages come at a cost to human relationships. Recognize the power of collaboration and human relationships and share the vulnerabilities you feel when you encounter uncertainty and change.  
  8. Let Go of the Future: Since you can’t control the future, let go of thoughts that consume you about what tomorrow might bring. Sometimes we learn early in life that if you plan, work hard and make the right moves, things will go as you expect; but no one can predict the future. You can control what you do, but not the external circumstances that may influence your outcomes. Applying your eighth and final flux superpower means letting go of your future and focusing on living for today.

You and I both know the business world moves fast. Companies that aren’t able to keep up risk falling behind – that means understanding just how much your business can and will change over time. As you gain more experience as a leader, you begin to see things before they happen. This is how you become proactive versus reactive. Leaders can develop the ability to adapt quickly by understanding that change is a part of growth. Take steps to ensure flexibility is built into the foundation of your organizational culture.  

LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: What steps will you take to identify clues to what is about to shift in your workplace to prepare and pivot effectively?

Brandon Rouse leads a diverse and growing team of professionals well-versed in the challenges facing healthcare today. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, Brandon’s experienced team represents various technological and innovative medical solutions. ZB RX Medical is a direct distributor of Zimmer Biomet.