Our Professionals

Our team consists of dedicated, experienced professionals. We feature a diverse staff that will focus on your most pressing challenges and offer custom solutions to achieve your goals. 

Brandon Rouse | Chief Executive Officer

ZB RX Medical: A Solution-Oriented Company

Rouse leads a diverse growing team and values the talent that ZB RX Medical is able to offer. With a background in high school and college wrestling, Rouse uses that experience facing challenges as a mission to fully understand the challenges their customers face. With the ability to not only offer an innovative product line, Rouse identifies with the necessity of striving to always look forward and anticipating the solutions that must be developed to stay on the cutting edge. Married for over 15 years, with three daughters and one son, Rouse stays busy with family activities


Mike Williams | Chief Operating Officer

Born and raised in Florida, Williams attained a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Florida and will always be a huge Gator football fan. He has worked in the medical device industry for over 30 years, advancing from an entry sales representative position to his current role as Chief Operating Officer for ZB RX Medical. His resume includes Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic, two of the largest medical device companies in the world.

Williams values daily interactions. Whether a customer, employee or a vendor partner representative, he revels in the opportunity to meet and work with the smartest, most visionary, caring and best people in the industry. Williams credits their success with the ZB RX sales organization to those lessons learned in sports – the essence of teamwork and the leadership that drives that teamwork. Gaining buy in from people with diverse backgrounds in order to drive toward a common goal is the essence of good leadership.

The two highlights of his life are nearly 25 years of marriage to Cindy - and their twin sons, now in college.

Chase Karber | Team DK Ortho Senior Sales Representative/Sales Manager

Relationship-Focused Team Approach

A graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Karber offers nearly 15 years of experience in orthopedic implant sales. His team makes it their mission to bring value to the relationships before, during and after surgery. Karber is excited about the innovative products Zimmer Biomet offers and the extensive line that he and his team are able to offer physicians and their patients. As a young father, Karber now spends his free time focusing on the family. 

Scott Parmley | Sales Manager

A graduate of Jenks High School and Oklahoma State University, Parmley has nearly 15 years’ experience in orthopedics. He had the privilege (and huge responsibility) of his mother’s total joints surgical prep. He now brings that same level of work ethic to his team, where he strives to build a team that treats every case as if it is a loved one’s orthopedic treatment plan. With present day work stresses, from the hospital level down, Parmley shares, “It can be easy to lose sight of what really matters - the patient first, and then the provider. I strive to have a team that is focus driven to ensure providers have the best products and services at their fingertips, so physicians can provide the highest level of care for their patients.” Parmley endeavors to provide options and solutions, in order to achieve the best post-treatment outcomes. He is married to Katie, and they have a 6 year old daughter, Maebry. Parmley is also an avid outdoorsman.

Scott Tebow | Sales Manager

Tebow has worked as a sales representative, sales manager and owner distributor in the orthopedic and neurosurgery sales industry for nearly 30 years. Tebow joined the sales management team at ZB RX Medical in 2011 in the orthopedic reconstruction division.  He particularly enjoys the challenge of leading, motivating and assisting the ZB RX team and customers in achieving next level patient outcomes. Tebow spends his spare time with his family, water sports at the lake and working on the ranch.

Jason Aeschliman | Team Southwest Senior Sales Representative

Wide Territory and a Broad Range of Specialty Experience

Aeschliman offers fourteen years of orthopedic experience during his 16-year medical career, including a background as a scrub technician and in trauma. He leads, as he describes, “a great and growing team”, covering foot and ankle, sports, trauma, total joints and limb salvage. Married for 15 years, Aeschliman enjoys hanging out with family and friends, whether by the pool, watching OU football or riding the trails on a dirt bike or mountain bike. 

Chad Bonner | Team Rick Atchison Senior Sales Representative

Offering the ENTIRE Portfolio of Orthopedic Implants

As a football player at Harding University in Arkansas, the field of orthopedics has always fascinated Bonner. Now over ten years in orthopedic sales, he has seen the evolution of the industry and enjoys the opportunities that ZB RX Medical offers. He leads a team that is able to offer multiple solutions and enjoys seeing the positive results that their line is able to offer in a patient’s life. He and wife have three daughters; their time is split between the outdoors and dance competitions. 

Chase Cooper | Team NEO Senior Sales Representative

Comprehensive Solutions for Physicians and Patients

Cooper is a co-founder of the Northeastern Oklahoma Sales Team with invaluable intraoperative experience including hips, knees, shoulder, trauma and revision arthroplasty. As a graduate of Oklahoma State University, he began his career in orthopedic implants as an inventory manager, and then transitioned into sales. When not out in the field, you will find Cooper spending time with his wife and three children.

John Laslo | Team OKC Senior Sales Representative

A Team with 50+ Years of Combined Experience

Laslo offers over twenty years of experience in orthopedic sales. He and his team deliver the options, a vast offering of solutions with the Zimmer Biomet line – solutions that are necessary in delivering next level patient outcomes. Laslo and his wife have two boys, a sophomore in high school and freshmen in college. His spare time is spent cheering on his oldest on the lacrosse field and moving towards the goal of acquiring his pilot’s license, alongside his youngest.

Dossie Layton | Team Dossie Senior Sales Representative

Indispensable with a Scrub Tech Background

Layton graduated from the University of Arkansas (go Razorbacks!) with a degree in Surgical Technology and began a career in orthopedic sales in 1994. She considers her two daughters her greatest accomplishment and is thankful for the twin grandchildren she now has, as well as a very supportive husband. In her spare time, she enjoys time outdoors, especially hunting, boating and gardening.

Ed Luna | Team Luna Senior Sales Representative

Indispensable with a Scrub Tech Background

With over 35 years’ experience, Luna serves as team leader at ZB RX Medical. His team offers nearly 100 years of combined experience. Even with this unmatched industry knowledge, Team Luna meets regularly to review and work towards stellar communication with surgeons and improved operations, with the goal of accomplishing next level patient outcomes. With the ability to represent the entire line of ZB RX Medical orthopedic implants and associated products, Luna enjoys both a satisfying work and personal life. Luna shares that he is blessed to be part of a great company at ZB RX Medical.

Scott Sjulin | Team Sjulin Senior Sales Representative

Meticulous Attention-to-Detail and Best-In-Class Implants

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Sjulin has nearly 25 years of orthopedic experience. Reconstruction is a primary specialty; however, with the diversity on the team, Sjulin offers trusted experience in all subspecialties. His goal is to not only help surgeons achieve their best outcomes but to help facilitate the staff in promoting the greatest care for their patients.

Kaleb Starns | Team Tulsa Senior Sales Representative

Offering Expert Representation in Orthopedics

Starnes covers the Tulsa Metro area, leading a team offering expertise in shoulders, sports medicine, foot and ankle to trauma. He finds fulfillment in the knowledge that he and his team are helping to improve a patient’s life. Starnes graduated from Oklahoma State University and enjoys golfing, relaxing at the lake, and spending time with his wife of five years and their two kids. 

Clinton Adair | Team Sjulin Sales Representative

Born and raised in Cushing, Oklahoma, Adair attended Oklahoma State University, studying Pre-Professional Athletic Training and Health Promotion. While studying at OSU, he developed an interest in orthopedics and joint reconstruction. Adair enjoys early mornings in the operating room, problem solving and assisting the medical professionals he serves. Feeling fortunate to work in an industry where challenges and new learning opportunities are part of the daily job, Adair has a passion for his career at ZB RX Medical. 

Rick Atchison | Team Rick Atchison Senior Sales Representative

Rick Atchison was born in Eureka, Kansas and raised in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, where he met his wife of 32 years. After living in Dallas for many years, they moved back to Arkansas and settled in Fayetteville, where they raised their two sons. Atchison began his career in orthopedic sales in 1996, covering Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. His specialty is in reconstructive surgery. Team Atchison is composed of six members with over 60 years combined experience in orthopedic sales and service. His team has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of sports medicine, trauma and reconstructive surgery.

Atchison states, “I credit the team’s success to our dedication to helping our doctors improve their patient’s quality of life. We make sure our surgeons can focus solely on the patient’s outcome because they never have to worry about instrumentation, properly trained OR staff or technical assistance from our reps. That begins with extensive and detailed preoperative planning. We plan for every possible scenario and are prepared for the unexpected.”

Reid Beauchamp | Team Rick Atchison Sales Representative

From Fort Smith, Arkansas, Beauchamp graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. His orthopedic sales career began in 2012, with a team that now offers over 50+ years of combined experience in the orthopedic field. He enjoys covering a variety of specialties from sports medicine to total joint revisions. Beauchamp adds, “Every day is different in this field, and the challenges my career offers is rewarding on so many levels.”

Jon Blue | Team NEO Sales Representative

An Oklahoman native, Blue graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2014. After six years in orthopedic sales, he particularly enjoys covering trauma and total joint replacements. His belief in ZB’s superior products and the experience of his sales team gives him the confidence and career satisfaction that he is providing the best solutions for surgeons and ultimately, improving the lives of patients. 

Matt Borror | Sales Representative

Raised in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, Borror graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2001 and has been with ZB RX Medical for nearly 20 years. He particularly enjoys working on shoulder and trauma cases and has extensive experience with durable medical equipment and in office ancillary solutions, programs and services. Borror values the relationships he’s made over the years; his career choice allows him the opportunity to be heavily involved in patient care. With the ever-evolving and growing ZB RX Medical line of products, he is able to deliver next level patient-centered care solutions. With a vast line of durable medical products available, he may also be able to present opportunities for revenue generation in clinic, such as bracing products, BioStim for fracture management,  injections, and inventory control process. Borror has been married for nearly 20 years with three children. He enjoys the outdoors: hunting, fishing and camping. 

Ashlyn Brixie | Team Dossie Sales Representative

Originally from Hominy, Oklahoma, Brixie received her Associates Degree in Applied Sciences and is a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST). After working as a Surgical Technologist for six years, Brixie joined the ZB RX Medical team full time and is simultaneously pursuing her bachelor’s degree in General Studies. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, family and her two dogs, Poe and Pyper.

Cody Burns | Team Dossie Sales Representative

Burns is a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) and joined the ZB RX Medical team in 2014, specializing in hip, knee and trauma. He proudly serves the Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma regions. Burns sets goals with a surgical team, strives to improve patient quality of life, and enjoys involvement with the surgical and post-treatment outcomes of patients. Married with three children, Burns enjoys the outdoors with his family while horseback riding, hiking, swimming and fly fishing.

Darrin Dennis | Team DK Ortho Sales Representative


Dennis has enjoyed selling in the orthopedic industry since 1992. He specializes in trauma and is also well versed in sports medicine and employing biologics in implants. With his wealth of experience, Dennis offers a solutions-oriented approach and particularly enjoys offering next level patient outcomes for those requiring total joint replacement. 

Ryan Furnish | Sales Representative

Born in Weatherford and raised in Oklahoma City, Furnish graduated from Putnam City North and the University of Central Oklahoma in 2002. His long career with ZB RX Medical has given him the opportunity to build supportive relationships with physicians and staff for almost two decades. Furnish’s focus includes Breg, Hely & Weber and DME bracing, Ancillary Medical Solutions, and related programs and services such as Gel-One® injections and Orthofix's BioStim devices. He and Laura have been married 16 years, and they have two teenagers, Camden and Cal.  Hobbies include hunting and fishing with his father and brother. He’s also a huge Thunder fan!

Brandon Gates | Team Rick Aitchison Sales Representative

Gates graduated from Harding University with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Gates’ interest in science, specifically surgery, led to a career choice with the ZB RX Medical team in September 2018. He particularly enjoys covering total joint arthroplasty, trauma, sports medicine and spine surgeries. Gates’ sports background instilled in him what it entails to be a great teammate. He takes great pride in always giving 100% effort in supporting a team approach - his medical sales team, the surgeons that depend on him, and his operating room team. Gates is driven to be accountable, reliable, trustworthy and prepared for any situation. Taking pride in offering surgeons the highest quality line of products, Gates is able to be a part of improving patient care and ensuring the best outcomes. He married his high school sweetheart, Natasha; they share their home with their dog, Hank.

Clark Glass | Team OKC Sales Representative

Originally from Tampa, Florida, Clark Glass attended the University of Oklahoma as a four-year starter on the wrestling team and graduated with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He met his future wife at school; she was a gymnast at OU. Everyone asks Glass, “Why didn’t you move back to Florida?” The answer is simple; he and his wife love the people of Oklahoma and felt it was a great place to raise a family. They made the right decision, Glass says. “Each day, I strive to make a positive impact on those same Oklahoma residents that I fell in love with, as well as the awesome physicians in the Oklahoma City area.”

Taylor Hagen | Team Rick Atchison Sales Representative

Hagen joined ZB RX Medical after graduating from the University of Kansas in 2014 with a degree in Human Biology. He thoroughly enjoys the daily challenges and responsibility of actively working with physicians, especially regarding all reconstruction and trauma cases. Described as his “personal foundation for the job”, Hagen views his career has an opportunity to learn on a daily basis, while being an asset to the doctor. His team strives to bring value every day, as evidenced by the commitment to their physicians. An avid outdoorsman, Hagen enjoys hunting and fishing.

John Koehler | Sales Representative

 Born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in Blackwell, Oklahoma, Koehler has been with ZB RX Medical for five years. Pediatric orthopedics, a specialty he enjoys covering, brings challenges and the opportunity to learn something new on a daily basis. Koehler keeps family foremost, when he says, “At the end of the day, it is about making a better life for yourself and the ones you love.” He gets up early to get an edge, with the goal of building and maintaining a strong relationship with physicians and their medical teams. 

Andy Luna | Team Luna Sales Representative

Luna has been with ZB RX Medical since 2004. Described as one of the most rewarding jobs anyone could have, he is proud to offer the best solutions to surgeons and customers. Luna and his team have the ability to offer solutions-based health care, with the highest quality products available. "Improving a patient's quality of life is unbelievably rewarding," says Luna.

Mandi Moehnke | Sales Representative

Born and raised in small town Alex, Oklahoma, Moehnke thanks her little sister for leading her to become a Certified Surgical Technologist, a job she loved for six years. Now she is able to put that experience to work for ZB RX Medical as a foot and ankle specialist, facilitating trauma and total joints as well. Moehnke truly enjoys helping her surgeon and their team, increasing her wealth and breadth of knowledge, and she strives to be an asset. She enjoys the fast pace and variety of orthopedics, and she adds, “I love solving the ‘puzzle’ when a case is put in front of me - especially trauma cases, where you are never presented with exactly the same issues.” Following up on the patient’s end result gives Moehnke job fulfillment. Spending time with her growing family, including four grandchildren, she also tries to make time for traveling and is described as an awesome pie maker. Her grandmother’s homemade meringue pie recipe has become her piece de resistance.

Joseph Morgan | Team Rick Atchison Sales Representative

Morgan began his career in 2004. Covering primarily knee, hip and shoulder revisions, he sees new challenges on a daily basis. Morgan derives great job satisfaction, knowing that his team is changing people’s lives for the better.

Joe Pirnat | Team OKC Senior Sales Representative

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Pirnat is and always will be a fan of all Ohio sports teams. He attended Northwest Ohio at Bowling Green State University and lived in Indianapolis for five years after college. Pirnat moved to Oklahoma City 24 years ago to begin his orthopedic career, and he believes it is a privilege to earn the trust of the orthopedists he and his team work with. Assisting the physicians in offering outstanding care to their patients and providing the best health care outcomes has led Pirnat to be a committed ZB RX Medical representative. He is married to Jennifer, and they have a teen daughter, Kate.

Cole Province | Team Southwest Sales Representative

Originally from Claremore, Province graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2004. For the next four years, he was the Assistant Wrestling Coach at UCO while simultaneously completing his master’s degree. Since his inception into orthopedics sales in 2008, Province has had the opportunity to “do it all” but is considered an expert in foot and ankle. His Southwest Oklahoma team offers nearly 50 years of combined experience. With the diverse backgrounds and specialties that his team offers, Province says, “You can pull from the entirety of my team to achieve the best possible outcome for your patient.” Married for 14 years, with four boys ranging from 13 to two, his children’s sports are his only hobby. Province hopes to someday be able to play golf again.

Donald Pyle | Team Southwest Sales Representative

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Pyle graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelors in science. He has been working in orthopedic implants since 2000 and particularly enjoys covering total joint revisions, arthroplasties and trauma.

Blake Roberts | Team OKC Senior Sales Representative

Roberts offers nearly 20 years of experience in orthopedic sales and feels privileged to be at ZB RX Medical; he enjoys being part of the process and is considered essential to a successful patient outcome. Covering the Ardmore and Ada area, he focuses on serving the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center and Mercy Hospital. In his spare time, Roberts still works on the Ardmore ranch he was raised on, raising Hereford cattle and quarter horses. He and his wife of almost 40 years share three children (one in medical school) and two grandchildren. His wife, Toni, is an infectious control nurse.

Seve Sanchez | Team OKC Sales Representative

Born and raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma, Sanchez has been with ZB RX Medical for 4-1/2 years and thoroughly enjoys working in the orthopedic industry. 

Hayden Strobel | Team Sjulin Sales Representative

Born and raised in Jefferson City, Missouri, Strobel was awarded a baseball scholarship at Oklahoma Christian University and was immediately accepted into the MBA program at Oklahoma Christian upon graduation. Strobel has been with ZB RX Medical since May 2019, moving from an operational role to a sales role early in 2020. Currently focusing on total arthroplasty in knees, hips and shoulders, Strobel continues to broaden his skill set by pulling from his athletic and personal history: attention to detail, hard work, taking ownership of responsibilities and mistakes, being part of a team (inside and outside the operating room), continually looking for ways to enhance abilities, listening to advice, and strengthening his communication skills. With family members who have had total joint surgeries, he understands the stress a surgery can have on the patient and their families. His number one goal is to assist in facilitating the highest level of patient satisfaction. Strobel is a self-described family man and avid sports fan. He enjoys the outdoors, maintaining his health, catching up on news, researching U.S. and world history, and is an avid reader.

Bill Tims | Team Green Country Sales Representative

Tims first began his sales orthopedic career in 1982 in the Tulsa area. He has been primarily involved in total joint replacements with multiple distributors; however, ZB RX Medical is among the mighty and great distributors. ZB RX offers the most technologically advanced implant solutions, and the experience level on the team offers outstanding customer service and attention-to-detail. He and Trudy married in 1977 and enjoy spending time with their four daughters and nine grandchildren.

Jon Townsend | Team DK Ortho Sales Representative

Townsend grew up in Comanche, Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2018. Joining ZB RX Medical in April of 2019, his new career path has proven to be greatly rewarding. He feels he is able to make a positive impact in people’s lives - not only in patients’ lives but the surgery staff as well. Townsend is engaged and is marrying his high school sweetheart in July 2020. When not working, you will find him on the golf course, at the sand volleyball courts, or in his backyard where he enjoys smoking and grilling meats.

Sam Treat | Team Tulsa Sales Representative

Born in Stillwater, Treat’s family settled down in Woodward, Oklahoma. He attended the University of Central Oklahoma and upon graduation, went immediately into the orthopedic sales industry. Self-described as a “full line guy”, Treat particularly loves the challenge of upper extremity related cases. Growing up in a household of medical professionals, Treat cannot imagine a differing career choice. The deep-seated belief to help others and the intrinsic competition growing up in a medical-career minded family, Treat expands, “It’s the belief that you are meant to be a part of something bigger than yourself.” The ZB RX Medical line of products allows his team to offer a strategic and solutions-focused approach to orthopedic treatment plans. Married over 10 years, Treat and his wife have three children, twin girls and a son. Self-described as a family and sports guy, Treat and his wife founded and run a nonprofit baseball organization.