Sports injuries, whether past or recent, can often lead to shoulder pain and the eventual need for surgery. Your ZB RX Medical team brings the training directly to you, the surgeon, and your surgical staff – with our Mobile Lab. The ZB RX Medical Mobile Lab was brought on site at Norman Regional Health on June 30th, serving the needs and offering extensive insight into the implants and tools available with the ZB RX Medical line of orthopedic implants.

Zimmer Biomet implants and procedural training is intended to give your patient restored motion and reduce painful bone-on-bone contact. Total or partial shoulder replacements are discussed, as well as the option for stemless shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement.

Stemless Shoulder Replacement

The stemless shoulder replacement is a type of total shoulder replacement. The “stemless” part in stemless shoulder refers to the ball portion of the joint. In a stemless implant, the humeral head (the metal sphere implant) does not sit on a traditional stem that fits down the humeral shaft as in the case of a traditional Total Shoulder, thereby preserving more of your patient’s natural bone. 

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

If the patient’s rotator cuff damage is so extensive that it would not be able to support a traditional joint replacement, a “reverse” shoulder replacement may be an option. By reversing the ball and socket configuration of a shoulder, allowing other muscles to compensate for damaged rotator cuff, increased stability, strength and range-of-motion in the shoulder joint may result.

The ZB RX Medical team continuously strives to provide value to surgeons, clinicians and healthcare providers, while simultaneously improving the lives of patients.

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