Being bold, taking calculated risks, and tackling big goals isn’t always easy, but often times, these are just the steps required for success. New ideas can boost business (a good thing) but they can also take up precious time which might contribute to overexertion (not a good thing). Our company, RX Medical, represents products and services to help patients achieve next-level outcomes in the healthcare industry. As an established and trusted distributor of medical devices, we understand the importance of avoiding burnout, decisiveness, managing stress, maintaining confidence, and trusting gut instincts. While everyone faces challenges that can take a toll on self-confidence from time to time, smart leaders know that small steps can make big impacts. If studies show that being overworked leads to burnout and impaired problem-solving, what choices can you make to help boost confidence and avoid overdoing it?

Selena Rezvani, author of Quick Confidence, says evaluating the way you think and present yourself to others is important. In other words, professionals must go beyond the old fake it ‘til you make it approach when it comes to improving self-esteem. Here are Rezvani’s nine suggestions to help.

9 Ways To Build Confidence

  1. To Avoid Overexertion, Be Decisive, Breathe Deeply, and Trust Your Gut: Being overworked can lead to burnout and impaired problem-solving. To avoid overdoing it, aim for a manageable pace of output that doesn’t deplete you. Boost confidence by practicing the art of being decisive. To start, breathe deeply when stressed, and rely on your experience and instincts to guide your way.
  2. Leverage First Impressions: Use the power of first impressions to help develop authentic connections. Don’t let insecurities drive your interactions because shrinking yourself in the presence of a new connection can harm your self-confidence. Give yourself permission to be your true authentic self when communicating.
  3. Rebalance Inequities: Every workplace has power imbalances. To address them, recognize the power dynamics at play and work towards rebalancing them. Help others feel they have a voice and belong. In areas where you have power, give strong introductions and nominate overlooked co-workers for great assignments. During meetings, ensure multiple voices have the opportunity to speak, and set limits on those who over share. 
  4. In Tense Situations, Visualize Success: High-stakes moments – those that can make or break your career – are a potent source of anxiety and fear for some. The challenge is to not let fear stop you from acting. Embrace the mind-set that everyone makes mistakes, prepare for difficult questions and let people speak for themselves to increase your confidence. 
  5. During Negotiation, Embrace Silence and Don’t Rush Decisions: Negotiate for what you need rather than settling for what you get. Embrace a positive mind-set to boost confidence by not assuming your request will be met with an automatic “no.” For example, research shows people who ask for higher salaries receive on average of $5,000 more over those who don’t.
  6. To Belong Anywhere, Be Yourself Boldly: Belonging to a group doesn’t equate to hiding your uniqueness to fit in. Demonstrating a watered-down version of your personality doesn’t serve anyone. Boldly be yourself.
  7. Find Ways to Release Stress: Toxic workplaces tend to lower performance and overall team commitment. For individuals, the added negativity can reduce intelligence, memory and immune system function. To maintain a positive mind-set and gain confidence in the process, don’t match bad energy directed at you. Take the time you need to heal and make the decision to move forward.
  8. To Overcome Setbacks, Forgive Yourself: Everyone makes mistakes – however, not everyone learns from them. Those who do, rise above and move beyond. Those who don’t often get left behind.  
  9. Focus on Growth (Rather than Others’ Opinions): To keep your confidence growing, face your fears and be willing to make mistakes without worrying about perfectionism or being an expert. Your confidence will keep increasing if you set goals, face your fears and maintain a growth mind-set.

📌LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: Could your self-esteem use a boost these days? Which of Rezvani’s nine suggestions will you decide to focus on to improve?

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